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2020 International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (CECIT 2020) CECIT 2020 will be held in Shenzhen, China during Dec. 26-28, 2020 and all the accpeted papers will be included in the conference proceeding for publication!



Contributed papers are solicited describing original works in electronics, communication, and information technology. Topics and technical areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:


Electronic Materials Components
Circuits and Systems
Microelectronic Systems
Engineered Materials
Condensed Matter Physics
Optical and Magnetic
Photonics and Electro-Optic Power
Energy and Industry Applications
Waves and Electromagnetic
Nonlinear Waveguides
Telecommunications and Microelectronics Basic Technology
Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering
Specification and Development of Models
Maintenance and reliability of Hybrid Systems
Simulation of Continuous and Hybrid Complex Systems
Electron-Photon Interaction and Plasmonics
Physics and Theory of Nanostructures
Polariton Lasing in Micro cavities
Photonic Crystal Structures and Devices
Organic Materials and Devices
Photonic circuits and fiber optics


Communication Technology

Computer communication networks
Communication modeling
Coding, modulations, and diversity
5G and 6G communications
Network architecture and protocols
Communication Theory
Machine-to-Machine (M2M), V2X, and D2D Communications
Maritime Communications Systems & Networks
Multimedia communication
Millimetre wave communications
THz communications
MIMO, Massive MIMO and Cloud RAN
Cognitive radio, spectrum sensing and management
Multi-carrier communications
Green communications, energy harvesting, RIS
Molecular and nano communications
AI and machine learning for wireless communications
Signal processing for communications
Multiple access
NFV, SDN, Network slicing
Network Security
Satellite communication
Antennas and propagation
Radar & Navigation System
Fog/edge/cloud computing
Joint communications, computing and control


Information Technology
Accounting and Financial Information Systems
Business Strategy and Information Technology
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Data Mining
Machine learning and AI
Hardware and Software Co-design
Information Theory
Information & Knowledge
Information and System Security
E-commerce and m-commerce
IT-enabled business changes
Image and Signal Processing
Social implications of advanced information technologies
Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval
Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems
Business applications of advanced information technologies